Intro Screen Slider Android Tutorial – Make Introduction Slider for Your App

Hi there, In this tutorial, I am gonna teach you how you can  create an introductory slide show for your android application. The point to ponder about this task is that the slide show must run just for once after the installation. From the second time, the app must open with  some home screen. So lets begin our Intro Screen Slider Android Tutorial.

Intro Screen Slider Android Tutorial

Creating a New Android Studio Project

  • First create a new project. You can do the same in your existing application.
  • I just created a project named AppIntro.

Adding AppIntro dependency

  • In this Screen Slider Android Tutorial we will be using AppIntro library.
  • So the first thing we need to add this library into our project. For this just go to your app level build.gradle file and add the following line inside dependencies block and then just sync your project.

Creating a Fragment to Show Different Slides

  • Next, we need to create a class named  through which the view of different slides is inflated.

Creating Intro Screen Sliders

  • Next, we need to create  a class named

  • Next, we need to create a class named to store constants.

  • Next, we need to configure our In order to make sure that the appintro runs just for once, we make use of Thread and SharedPreferences as it can be seen down into the code of MainActivity.

Here, the Java part gets over. Now, we need to configure our design resources i.e. xml layouts.

Creating Layouts for Slider

  • Create a Layout resource file named  intro.xml. This would be our first slide in the introduction.

screen slider android
Preview of intro.xml

  • Create a layout resource file named intro2.xml which would be our second slide.

screen slider android
Preview of intro2.xml

  • By now, you might come across errors saying the resources such as drawbles not found. Leave it for now. I’ll deal with the same at the end.
  • Create a layout resource file named intro3.xml. This would be our third slide.

screen slider android
Preview of intro3.xml

  • Create a layout resoure file named intro4.xml which would be our fourth and final slide.

screen slider android
Preview of intro4.xml

  • We are almost done. Just add this theme into your style resource file as follows

  • Now,  we need some icons and drawables resource files to be added to the drawables . Download the zip below and then  add  all its content to the drawables.

[download id=”3228″ template=”icons”]

  • Finally, mention as an activity in your manifest as follows:-

  • Yeah, you have done it. Run the app and Enjoy:)
  • If you still find some problem, download the source code below and help yourself or let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Hello I’m following your tutorials and i’m having can’t resolve symbol ‘skip’ in file
    Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), getString(R.string.skip), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
    Please how do i fix this problem?

  2. Nice one , but can do you have any idea where we can set the Animation mentioned in the library.
    I can’t find any function in this example can you give me some idea.

  3. I am facing a problem when i create a new project an add these codes its showing that Error:(22, 41) error: incompatible types: SampleSlide cannot be converted to Fragment

  4. It is exactly what i was looking for.
    Thanks a million
    But,Irritating while try to download the code.
    I posted this tutorial 3-4 times using my google account and a different account but still download is not unlocked.
    It is really not making any sense.
    Kindly make it available once it is posted.


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