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  1. It’s not required to learn kotlin for latest native Android app development. Just JAVA is enough? How long there’ll be a support for java usage on Android app development?

  2. Hello,
    We are implementing MVVM structure in project. I had already implemented all the things from your MVVM tutorial but still need more reliable and perfect code can you help me in that.

    Thank you

  3. Hi Belal Khan,

    I really adore your tutorials. They are very worth referring more than 100%! I kindly request that you create a tutorial about a multilevel List View / Recycler View pulling data from MySQL db. I am interested as I want to create an app that has 3 levels.
    Level 1: Has a list of soccer teams
    Level 2: Has a list of team players for a specified team selected on level 1.
    Level 3: Has detail information about a specified player selected on level 2.

    I am really looking forward to your help and thanks for such inspirational tutorials on becoming an android developer like yourself.

  4. Hi Belal Khan,

    Good day to you.

    I am trying to develop an android application in which should have a horizontal Recyclerview in which the items will be enlarged when touched by users and decreased when the user releases them.

    In my research I have not found a way to build it. The most similar to what I look for are similar to LINE popup reactions as in the video link below.

    Looking for your suggestion

  5. Hi Sir…

    i am in development of a mobile App …i am facing problems in handling of MP3 live streaming for which links are coming from a API in JSON format .
    I request you to do a comprehensive Tutorial on Exoplayer with Notification and Snacbar playing.
    i am ready for even paid training also.


  6. Hello Belal Khan,
    Thanks so much for your tutorials, I just finish the ANdroid MVVM login/signup:
    After running the complete project, I visited my device to relaunch, i encounter his error

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: There are multiple DataStores active for the same file: /data/user/0/com.michael.authmvvmkotlin/files/datastore/user_preferences.preferences_pb. You should either maintain your DataStore as a singleton or confirm that there is no two DataStore’s active on the same file (by confirming that the scope is cancelled).

  7. hello sir yours tutuorials are most helpful for my begining carrer in android development.but i need a recyclerview example for a your contact app will you please help me to get out form that problem please help me for while


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