Building an Android Wallpaper App with Admin Panel using Firebase

Do you want to learn building a complete android app from scratch? If your answer is YES, then you are at the right place. We have a course for you that will teach you building an android wallpaper app from scratch.

So in this course we will build a simple wallpaper application, from where you can browse different wallpapers. The application will contain the following features.

  • Displaying Wallpapers Category Wise.
  • Downloading a Wallpaper
  • Sharing a Wallpaper to other apps e.g WhatsApp, Messenger etc.
  • Saving a wallpaper to your favourites. 
    • This feature includes implementing Sign In with google in the application.
  • Displaying AdMob ads to earn money.

To make the above application we have to create two separate apps. 

  1. Admin Panel: This is a web app built with JavaScript. This application is for the owner. For example you own the wallpaper app then it is your responsibility to give your user beautiful wallpapers. And adding wallpapers in your application is done here. This is also a complete application where admin will perform the following operations.
    • Creating Categories
    • Adding / Updating Wallpapers

And finally we will also learn publishing this application to Google Play Store.

Now if you are interested in this course, then before moving ahead you can have a look at the finished final product. One of our student already built this app and published it on the PlayStore.

Google Play


This course is about building a complete application with the Admin Panel. So even when we are making from scratch, you need to know some basics about the following.

  • Android Studio and Java
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript and jQuery

If you even have a little idea about the above mentioned topics, then this course is for you and most probably you will find no problem following it.

Building an Android Wallpaper App with Admin Panel

Now if you really want to start learning. Then here is the complete Play List of this course.

In case you have any problem while following this course, I am here to help you with your problem. Just comment your issues in the video, or here. You can even contact me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

And you can also download the source code of my project in case you need it.

Android Wallpaper App Source Code

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So that’s all for this post. Thanks Everyone 🙂

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  1. Hello. I need help . please. I want to make databse users with favourites in firebase , but in android . I don t now. Can you help me. You make in visual, I don t understand.

  2. App has a serious issue, when user click in favorite button in the recyclerview item it was worked but same time multiple items favorite button automatically checked (after 7 or 8,9 items), but buy? fix this problem, please.

  3. Bhai Asalam o alaikum .
    mujay android development ka bahut ziada shoq he ui to main bana leta hun bari aasani se but java kuch smajh nai ati .
    please help me .kon sa course karun please reply me in mail.Thanx
    Allah hafiz

  4. i have tried many things but the saving category problem is existing.
    it says is not a function. i am tired of it please help me. i have included it in the head part like this


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