Firebase Authentication Tutorial for Android [ FREE Course ]

Here is another updated absolutely FREE android application development course for everyone. In this Firebase Authentication Tutorial we are going to build a very basic application that contains the functions that most of the application needs.

The functionalities are:

  • Login and Registration
  • Profile Information
  • Logout
  • Password Reset
  • Displaying Existing Users

To achieve the above functionality we will use Firebase. So this course basically covers a lot of things related to Firebase Authentication.


This course is for the people who have little idea about Android Studio and Kotlin Programming Language. Though any newbie can also try this course. I tried to explain it in a simple and step by step manner. But as it covers some advanced topics and firebase, having the basic idea of Android Studio will help you to go smoothly in this course.

Firebase Authentication Tutorial

Here is the complete playlist that will explain you about building all the above discussed functions in your application.

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments, for any kind of query or confusion related to this course. I will try my best to help you out. And you can also download the complete source code of this Firebase Authentication Tutorial.

Firebase Authentication Tutorial – Source Code

I would suggest that avoid downloading the source code from here and try to follow the course by watching the videos first. If you are stuck or you are not able to achieve the results then only look for the source code.

Firebase Authentication Tutorial Source Code Download

So, I hope you will like this post. I respect every feedback so don’t hesitate in giving your purely honest feedbacks, because your feedbacks help me to improve my content. Thank You 🙂

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