Android MVVM Tutorial – Build an App using MVVM Design Pattern

A badly written code is a NIGHTMARE (when needed to maintain). For any developer there is nothing better than having a clean, structured code. And if you want to achieve this, you must follow a …

android mvvm tutorial

A badly written code is a NIGHTMARE (when needed to maintain). For any developer there is nothing better than having a clean, structured code. And if you want to achieve this, you must follow a design pattern for your projects. So this Android MVVM Tutorial is for all the people out there who learned the basics of android development and now want to learn something advanced. Because if you are seeking a JOB then knowing only the basics are not enough. You should know some design patterns.

What is MVVM?

MVVM stands for Model View ViewModel and it is a design pattern that is used to build softwares. But here our focus is only about Android App Development. MVVM helps us to separate the Business Logic of our Application from the Views or UI. And doing this thing is very important in case of any kind of software or app development.

Model : This is responsible for handling the data in the application. Model cannot directly interact with Views, but it interacts with ViewModels and then Views with the help of observables. (Sounds confusing right? Don’t worry in the course we will cover every step in detail).

View: This is the User Interface of our Application. It should not contain any application logic.

ViewModel: It is basically a link between Model and View.

android mvvm tutorial
Android MVVM Tutorial

MVVM in Android

When we want to use MVVM in Android, we use this architecture.

android mvvm architecture
Android MVVM Architecture

One more thing is involved here and that is the Repository. So repository is responsible for handling the data. Repository may use multiple data sources according to the need, it may fetch data from a Remote Source or from the local storage.

Advantages of using MVVM

Now let’s talk about what are the advantages of using MVVM in your android project.

  • If you use MVVM it will help you structuring your code in a nice way so that it is easy to understand for a new developer.
  • Using MVVM makes your project maintainable as everything is well organized and making changes are very easy.
  • Testability is easy with MVVM because all modules are independent and testable.
  • MVVM enhances the re-usability of the code.

Pre-Requisites of this Course

This course contains many advanced topic like creating repositories, dependency injection, data binding etc. And that is why this course is not for any beginner who just started learning android development. But if you sure you know the basics very well then you can give it a start.

Android MVVM Tutorial

Now, if you think you should learn about MVVM in android then, “What are you waiting for?”. Start now it is ABSOLUTELY FREE for everyone.

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Android MVVM Tutorial – Source Code

You can check my source code while following the course. For every lecture I have a separate commit and you can browse the code for that commit only and it will make your learning better.

Android MVVM Tutorial Source Code Download

In case you are having any problem in this course, you can contact with me by commenting here or by messaging me on my social profiles. Thank You.
Hi, my name is Belal Khan and I am a Google Developers Expert (GDE) for Android. The passion of teaching made me create this blog. If you are an Android Developer, or you are learning about Android Development, then I can help you a lot with Simplified Coding.

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rohit kalkar
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