Upload Image PHP MySQL – Uploading and Retrieving Images

So you are thinking how to upload images to your MySQL database? Here is the Upload Image PHP MySQL Tutorial, and in this tutorial, I am going to explain how we can upload or store images to MySQL database and then how we can retrieve the saved images.

What We Need?

In this post I will be using.

  1. Xampp Server
  2. Sublime Text

You can use other tools as well like wamp, lamp, and notepad++ or any IDE as well. The tools don’t matter the point is we will be using PHP and MySQL.  So let’s begin.

Upload Image PHP MySQL Tutorial

Creating Database

  • Here I will be storing the image directly to MySQL table. So the first thing we need is our table. And for creating the table you need to go to your PhpMyAdmin.
  • Start XAMPP server and go to localhost/phpmyadmin. Here you need to create a database. I have created a database named SimplifiedCoding.
  • Now inside this database we need a table as below.
mysql database table
Database Table
  • For creating the above table you can use the following SQL.

Creating a PHP Project

For this part, you can use any IDE (e.g., PHP Storm, NetBeans, Eclipse, etc.) but here I am using Sublime Text. I would recommend using PHP Storm as I love this IDE but at the same time if you are a beginner then avoid using an IDE to learn better.

  • Go to the root directory. For XAMPP it is (c:/xampp/htdocs).
  • Here create a folder named ImageUploadProject. (Though you can give it any name it doesn’t matter).

Defining Constants

  • Now inside your project first create a php file named Constants.php. This file defines all the constants that are required for our project.

Connecting to Database

  • Now we will create a php class named DbConnect to connect to our Database. So create a new file named DbConnect.php and write the following code.

Class to Perform Store and Retrieve Operation

  • After database connection we need to perform the store and retrieve operation. So lets create a new class named StoreImage inside a new file named StoreImage.php.

Converting String to Image

  • We have stored the image as the String. But we can’t display the string to the user, we need to display it as an image. So for this we will create one more file where we will pass the image id and it will give us the image in image format.
  • So create a new file named image.php and write the following code.

Uploading and Retrieving Images

  • Now here is our final operation. Create a file named image-upload.php and write the following code.

  • Now you can test your project.
upload image php mysql
Upload Image PHP MySQL
  • Bingo! It is working absolutely fine. Additionally you can apply CSS to make it look awesome.

Applying CSS to the Project

  • Create a file named style.css and write the following code.

  • Now you will see the project like this.
upload image php mysql
Upload Image PHP MySQL

Upload Image PHP MySQL Source Code

  • If you are having any problem you can also get my source code from the below given link.

So that’s all for this Upload Image PHP MySQL Tutorial guys. If you found this post useful, then please SHARE it. And if having any queries or question, then just comment it below. Thank You 🙂

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  1. The code Is working fine, with no problem. Now the problem is that, that I need to insert few data also along with the image like Name, phone number and the Image.


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